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Your chance to get some practice in - talking to college coaches!


Athletes tend to put college coaches on a pedestal of some sort, get really nervous, start sweating, clam up, and can't think straight when talking to them. If you take away one thing from this blog, make it this: College Coaches Are Just People. Truly. Like you and me. They have families, dogs, homes, and go grocery shopping just like us. When talking to them (which you'll have to do with your voice at some point, and not just your thumbs on your phone), take a deep breath and just be yourself. This month - make a video and talk to us like we're coaches!  Click Learn More for details.


Coaches can nominate athletes HERE

Athletes can enter the "Attitude of Gratitude" Contest HERE

How to make your Highlight Video stand out!


 Control What You Can -- Chapter 3 -- Highlight Videos

Here are some questions to ask yourself.  What do I put at the beginning of my video?  What plays should I use or not use?  How long should it be?  How old of a play is too old?  Can coaches see who I am in my video?  Does it accurately depict me as an athlete? 

If you need help with any of these... please keep reading!


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