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BEFORE Contacting College Coaches...

Do This...


Control What You Can -- Chapter 2 -- What to know before reaching out. 

Coaches get a lot of athletes, DOCs, club coaches, and more, reaching out to them.  Like.... a LOT!  So what can you do prior to emailing and calling them that will help better prepare you and quite honestly... make you look good?


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Get ahead in 2021... but how?  You tell us!  (And maybe win an AG membership and college scholarship in the process!) 


  While last year had some ups....(emphasis on the "some") had a LOT of downs! We're back with more Achieve Goals Membership and college scholarship opportunities! 

What are you doing to make 2021 your best recruiting year yet?  COACHES - Nominate your most Recruiting-Minded Athletes.  ATHLETES - Tell us how you're going to achieve your recruiting goals this year.


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