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Announcing our INCREDIBLE new Partnership with Achieve Goals!


Achieve Goals, Inc. is an educational non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the community youth through various membership programs… and we are passionate about an individual’s right to dream big! 2020 has been a difficult year for most, so we are excited to introduce our new membership program that includes an initial $1,500 tuition reduction (scholarship) at a network of over 400 top colleges and universities around the country...


Want a lowered tuition bill (scholarship) @ over 400 colleges nationwide?  Read on!


Each month we will be giving away 10 Achieve Goals Memberships to our participating College Fit Finder student-athletes. These memberships will be awarded in the following 2 ways:

Coach Nominations (5): Club coaches to nominate individual student-athletes who they feel best meet the nomination criteria for the month. This month is "COVID Role Model."


**Deadline is Monday, November 30th**

Student-Athlete Contest (5): Athletes who enter monthly College Fit Finder contests are eligible to win an Achieve Goals membership. This month is "Best Juggling Trick."


**Deadline is Monday, November 30th**


For more details on Athlete Nominations by coaches, the Student-Athlete Contests, and Achieve Goals Memberships, please visit our blog...


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