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Communication Counts Chapter 2:

Emailing and Calling College Coaches


Fact. The number of emails College Coaches receive from potential recruits is never-ending.  Fact.  These thousands of potential recruits are all vying for the exact same, and very few, roster spot(s).  Fact.  You’re one of these potential recruits.   So, how do you make your email stand out from the thousands of others?  What else can you do to get your name out there?  We’ll take a look at creating eye-catching emails, and following up with….drum roll please… PHONE CALLS!  Yes, your smart phone actually has phone capabilities, and we highly suggest you use it.  


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Control What You Can - Tips for Moving Forward During COVID  


Control What You Can -- Chapter 1 -- Building Your College List

How do I know where to start?  What coaches should I contact?  How do I keep track of everything?  Do I only reach out to my top picks?  If you've asked yourself any of these questions, we have something to offer!  We have put together a 4-part series that we will cover in the next two months with tips to help create a plan for you to follow.


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TED Talk with 3X Olympic Gold Medalist, Heather Mitts

Psychology in sports is often overlooked, but an athlete's mentality plays a huge role to their overall success. It's important that athletes know whatever they're struggling with, they're not alone. Heather played for the US Women's Soccer Team 136 times and is only 1 of 4 players ever to win 3 Olympic Gold Medals. Hear her story...  more


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