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Your Profile vs. 1000's of Others - Who Stands Out?

Recruiting 101: You need a player profile.  Why?  It's the first thing a college coach is going to look at to learn more about you.  So, how do you make your profile stand out?  What exactly are college coaches looking for?  What information should you add (or not add) that will highlight you as a student, athlete, and as a person, knowing that thousands of others just like you are vying for the same roster spot?


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Balancing Meals and Building a Performance Plate


Think back to a practice or showcase when you felt great and on top of your game.  Now think of the last time you felt... "off."  What caused this?  Why do we have "off" days?  While there may be multiple reasons, one possibility that is often overlooked is diet.  What you eat has a major impact on your performance.  Check out how a proper fueling strategy can help you more consistently feel, and play, your best.


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